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Previous Seasons:

2016 Spring Series


2016 Land Rover Winter Series

Click above to view the list of Entrants and Results from the 2016 Land Rover Winter Series, including Great Veterans and Ladies Day Pointscores.


2015-2016 Summer Season

CYCA Trophy

Blue Water Pointscore

Summer Season Overall Pointscores

(Including Grant Thornton Short Ocean and Grant Thornton Short Haul pointscore results, Ocean Pointscore and Club Marine Wednesday Twilights and Mount Gay Rum Monday Twilight race results, as well as CYCA Trophy and SOLAS Big Boat Challenge results.

Summer Season Sub-Series Pointscores

(Including the Grant Thornton Spring, Autumn and Short Haul Passage, Grant Thornton Short Ocean Spring and Autumn, the Ocean Pointscore Spring and Autumn and the Mt Gay Rum Monday Twilights Spring and Autumn pointscores)



2015 Spring Series


2015 Land Rover Winter Series

Click above to view the entrants and results from the current Land Rover Winter season, including the Great Veterans Race as well as Opening and Closing Ladies Day Pointscore races.


2014-2015 Summer Season

Includes the entrants and results from the Spring Series, the Blue Water Pointscore, Ocean Pointscore, Combined Pointscore, Grant Thornton Short Ocean Pointscore, Grant Thornton Short Haul Pointscore, Mt Gay Rum Monday Twilights, Club Marine Wednesday Twilights, SOLAS Big Boat Challenge, CYCA Trophy and Southern Cross Cup.


2014 Land Rover Winter Series


2013-2014 Summer Season


2013 CYCA Winter Series


2012-2013 Summer Season